A Cause For Claus


For the past few years, residents of Massapequa have spotted a bicycle-ridinsantaclaus_112316ag Santa all over town. Scott or “Santa,” has even elicited smiles in his red suit during weekend mornings at Brady Park.

“I first dress ed up when I was 29, and since then have been dedicated to this cause,” said Scott, who believes that showing kids a healthy, more active Santa Claus is important. “I am trying to kickstart The Santa Cause, a campaign that would help redefine the image of Santa into a more efficient tool to help the needy.”

Scott believes that all of the money spent on Santa, including pictures, merchandise for the front lawn and other paraphernalia, could be put to use in a better way. He has been mailing out a small packet informing people, companies and businesses of his attempts to start such a campaign and explain his cause in greater detail, along with his credibility in the red suit.

“I just think people in the area should know about my theory and my work. Whether they support it or not, I think this cause could be successful,” he said. “Santa is based on a myth dating back 1,700 years, and it is a myth we teach children that means ‘unlimited giving.’ Parents work santaclaus_112316bhard to keep this myth alive, and the children really believe.”

Scott’s Santa Cause would attempt to funnel all of the money spent on the likeness towards helping the sick.

“We do it with the color pink to raise awareness for breast cancer…the same should be done with Santa,” he said. “We need to redefine the image of Santa from the world’s greatest salesman into the world’s greatest giver.”

If anyone is interested in learning more, contact Scott at 516-408-0219 or email thesantacause@outlook.com.

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