Author Teaches Students To Say NO To Bullying

Author Patti D’Amelio (right) and illustrator Isabelle Rapacciuolo (left).
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Recently, author Patti D’Amelio and illustrator Isabelle Rapacciuolo came to Northside Elementary to talk about the dangers of bullying, and how to keep it from happening. D’Amelio gave a presentation, during which students thought about what bullying sounds, looks, and feels like. The students also talked about what to do if they or their friends were experiencing bullying, such as telling a grownup. D’Amelio presented her newest book, titled The Runaway Sled Adventure — part two of her series, The Adventures of Granny and Lexi Loo. In The Runaway Sled Adventure, Granny and Lexi Loo are trying to enjoy a snow day, when a bully steps in to try and ruin the fun. What will the pair do next?

The series seeks to address sensitive issues that children face. In each book, main characters Granny and Lexi Loo embark on adventures which may discuss death, divorce, diversity, bullying, sibling rivalry, stranger danger, and more. D’Amelio believes that children need to know that they are not alone and that their feelings are real. Books are a wonderful tool for this purpose. A portion of the proceeds from this series will be donated to a non-profit organization related to the content within the book.
Following the reading of the book, the students got to join in on an anti-bullying song which encouraged them to “stop bullying now!”

D’Amelio came to Northside Elementary to present her book about bullying.

About the Author:
Patti Damelio has spent most of her life working with her students, children, and now with her grandkids. In 1999, she received the “Educator of Excellence” award by the New York English Council. After teaching for 31 years, she is now retired and writing books. Patti gives back to the community by teaching pre-K in the district’s Youth Council summer program. Patti says her most-est, best-est, most favorite-est people are kids! Her message for readers and writers: find your voice!

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