Bethpage Students Embrace Random Act Of Kindness Week

Fourth grader Christian Sachs made his gratitude list on Google Slides.

Bethpage students from Central Boulevard Elementary School participated in kindness challenges from Feb. 13-17 for Random Act of Kindness Week. Central Boulevard’s Student Council Club organized a different challenge for each day during the week and encouraged all students to complete them. The challenges aligned with the school’s Energy Bus program which is based on Jon Gordon’s children’s book “Energy Bus for Kids: A Story About Staying Positive and Overcoming Challenges.”

Fourth graders Syed Ibrahim (left) and Zayneb Qurreshi (right) showed off their hand drawings with their character traits listed on the fingers.

At the start of the week, students were reminded that they are the “driver of their own bus.” They each celebrated their own uniqueness by choosing five character traits that they possess and writing them down on a template or on a tracing of their hand. On Tuesday, classes spoke about how positive words and phrases help individuals make the right choices. The students created kindness posters to display in the hallways.

Third grader Josie Sachs with her completed hand project. (Contributed photos)

As the week continued, Central Boulevard students gave out kindness tickets to thank or acknowledge someone. They also created their own gratitude lists as part of Thoughtful Thursday and decorated a license plate to represent themselves. Student Council members plan on creating a collage of all the completed license plates to display in the school. Through these kindness challenges, Central Boulevard students continue to build a positive school culture.

–Submitted by the Bethpage Union Free School District

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