Deck The Halls… For Charity!


Farmingdale abode goes all-out this December

The Sputos decorate their home from top to bottom. (Photos courtesy Kathryn Sputo)

The season of giving is upon us, and one Farmingdale home is prepared for their annual fundraiser. Kathryn and Bobby Sputo have decorated their house and property from top to bottom, themed as the 12 Nights of Christmas. Festivities were off to a good start at the beginning of this month, and visitors are welcome throughout the rest of December!

For the Sputos, decorating begins in October in order to prepare Santa’s wonderland in time for the holidays. From top to bottom, the halls are decked in seasonal decor, including life-sized elves and a Mrs. Claus, 11 trees, and a nativity scene. For the good boys and girls, an additional surprise awaits at the end of the walk-through. “Downstairs is where Santa is, so when they’re done in the house, children go down to see Santa and the elves, and they either get candy bags, or chocolates, or some other treat.”

The Sputo home is fully decked for the holidays!

Visitors can hardly believe the effort this couple goes to in order to spread holiday cheer and good wishes to the community, year after year. “When we stop, it’ll be for good. And I’ll go until I drop,” Kathryn laughed. But despite the long days, tiring hours, and complicated decorations, it is all worthwhile for the Sputos, who use the opportunity to raise funds for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

This endeavor has been an annual tradition for the couple since their move from Wantagh in 2015. “My husband and I, we always gave monthly to St. Jude’s. And our house was always so decorated [for the holidays]. Everybody would say to us, ‘You can’t just do this and not show anybody!’” Kathryn laughed. While she was initially hesitant to have strangers visiting her home, an idea took shape to merge the holiday viewing with a chance to raise funds for a good cause.

Mrs. Claus is ready to greet visitors! 

The Sputos have been fortunate not to have cases of childhood illness in their robust family. “My mother had 18 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, and not a one of them — knock wood — has any kind of illness or cancer,” Kathryn explained. As a mother herself, and an aunt to many, she cannot imagine the grief and distress of having a child with such a diagnosis. “We are very blessed, and I thank God every day,” she said.

This year, in addition to St. Jude’s, the Sputos are also fundraising to support families impacted by the terrible Farmingdale bus accident. As a Farmingdale resident for several years, and a grandparent of Farmingdale students, Kathryn feels it is more important now than ever to come together as a community. The couple has received much love for their continued efforts. “People have come up to us and told us how much this means to them,” Kathryn said. “It’s lifted their spirits, because they could not celebrate that year, or because they’ve experienced a death in the family.”

Nativity scene captured in an old television set.

It has been a special delight to bring joy to the local children, who are shocked to find out that Santa lives on Long Island. “They’re so shocked when they visit, and they say to me, ‘I didn’t know Santa lives in Farmingdale!’” Kathryn laughed, “And I tell them, ‘Well Santa lives all over the world, this is just his New York home, and we help keep it nice for when he visits!’”

The Sputo home is located on the border of Farmingdale and Old Bethpage, at 3 Main Street in Farmingdale (corner of Main and Powell, by Northside School). Visitors are welcome from 6-9 pm on the following dates; December 8 (Fri), 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 15 (Fri), 17 (Sun), 20 (Wed), 21 (Thurs), 28 (Thurs), and 29 (Fri). Entrance to Santa’s wonderland is free, but donations are encouraged in the spirit of giving! You can also visit “Santa’s House In Farmingdale” on Facebook for additional information.

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