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How Junkluggers uses its business model to help charities

Franchise Owner Francis Hill (left) and Lead Estimator/Event Coordinator Evan Cassin (right) posing next to Junkluggers’ Long Island Cares and Toys For Tots donation drop-off bins at the company’s Hicksville office entrance.
(Photo by Sarah Wigger)

The Chinese pseudoscience of feng shui is based on using forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. In the case of Junkluggers of Long Island, they practice their own version of it by helping customers haul away unwanted items be it from estate sales, hoarding situations, attic and basement cleanout or yard and waste removal. But rather than just making a beeline to the nearest dump or landfill, the Hicksville-based company makes a point of upcycling items whenever possible.
Part of what makes this possible is Junkluggers active collaboration with a number of nonprofit organizations that include Habitat for Humanity Long Island and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. In addition, this year finds Junkluggers bringing Long Island Cares and Toys for Tots into the fold. And while the former has no direct relationship with the latter two, the eco-friendly junk removal company is registered as drop-off point for both Long Island Cares and Toys for Tots, where donations will be accepted at the Junkluggers Hicksville office through Dec. 16.

In addition, the 35 employee-strong small business will also be contributing and collecting amongst themselves for both charities. And in keeping with the new normal created by the pandemic, Junkluggers is also attempting to collect donations from clients who have removal appointments to eliminate the need for them to leave their house to donate. While this team-up is kicking off for the first time this year, these initiatives follow on the heels of the relationship the company has formed with Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk, which began pre-pandemic according to company COO Kevin McGill.

Franchise Owner Francis Hill (left) and Lead Estimator/Event Coordinator Evan Cassin (right) showcasing a portion of the Junkluggers warehouse where furniture donations are stored for charity pickup.
(Photo by Sarah Wigger)

“We’ve been working with them since 2019,” McGill explained. “The real reason we work with them is that a lot of the reusable goods we get, particularly furniture or other building supplies, are donated to their ReStore in Ronkonkoma, where they resell those items to generate funds for Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk. Over the years, we’ve developed a close relationship with the organization and collaborated on a couple of efforts that are community oriented. We’ve done a cleanup with them and a couple of one-off events. They are a good organization and they like to give back and do the right thing. We figured there is power in numbers, so we reached out to team up with them on top of our existing relationship and they were willing to collaborate with us on this and it gives us a bigger reach. It all gives us a little more notoriety and recognition to be affiliated with an organization like Habitat for Humanity.”

Junkluggers was first opened in 2004 and Junkluggers was the first franchise to open its doors in Nassau County in 2013. Since then, the company’s footprint has expanded into Suffolk County and Queens. Since connecting in three years ago, Habitat for Humanity and Big Brother Big Sister have been making weekly visits to the Hicksville office to collect donations. This symbiotic relationship has proved to be a boon for Junkluggers, all the more given how much the company has grown during its eight years of operation.

“We worked with a couple of smaller thrift stores that were associated with nonprofits, but their ability to take in materials was limited just on the sheer size of the stores and the amount we had,” McGill said. “Habitat has allowed us to have a reliable outlet to upcycle what we do have on a more scalable level so the amount they are able to take is much greater than some of the partners we’ve had in the past that we continue to work with. The level of business has increased since we were established, so we’re always looking for new charities willing to work with us on furniture or other household items that we’ve given second life to.”

What To Donate

Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County
Building Materials & Home Products
Such as hand trucks, pallet jacks, shopping carts, office equipment, cleaning supplies, etc
Visit for more information on items needed and accepted at ReStore.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island
Especially for the cold winter months—coats, sweaters, rain jackets, shirts, pants, etc.

Toys For Tots
Toys For Tots will not distribute realistic-looking weapons or gifts with food.

Long Island Cares
Non-Perishable Food
Such as nonrefrigerated milk, white rice, canned vegetables/meat/fish, cooking oils, cereals, pasta, canned sauce, peanut butter, jams and jellies, flour, tea, water, etc.

Baby Care Items
Such as diapers (all sizes), wipes, formula, new bottles, baby food, baby lotion, baby soap, formula, etc.

Personal Care Items
Such as soap, toothpaste & brushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair brushes, adult diapers, feminine hygiene products.

Household Items
Such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, plastic dinnerware, garbage bags, cleaners, etc.

Pet Food and Assorted Petcare Products
Such as dry or wet dog/cat food, caged animal food, treats, litter, new leashes, toys, etc.

Junkluggers is located at 12A Commerical St. in Hicksville. For more information about the company, visit or call 516-226-2284. For inquiries about becoming a donation partner, interested parties can reach out to Junkluggers COO Kevin McGill at

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