HFD Carries On Popcorn Ball Day Tradition


The Popcorn Ball Day is a time-honored tradition hosted by the Hicksville Fire Department for the last 60 years.

Every Thanksgiving weekend the firefighters of Hicksville venture out on Sunday morning with Santa and his helpers to spread the message of safety and awareness during the upcoming holiday season in the preparation of the department’s annual Holiday Open House.

The department opened its doors for its neighbors to visit Station No. 3 on West John Street on Sunday, Dec. 4. Members shared fire prevention and safety tips, and residents had a chance to meet firefighters, emergency medical technicians, hazardous materials specialists and members of the specialty squads.

“So when you ask the question ‘Why do we throw out popcorn balls? It is just our way of inviting you to come and meet us a week later at our house,” said ex-Chief Edward Korona Jr. The department wishes all Hicksville residents a safe holiday season.

—Submitted by Ex-Chief Edward Korona Jr.

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