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Photo courtesy of Amazing Lash Studio

The beauty and fashion industry is ever-changing. From styles and color palettes to fads and products, there is no end to the next best thing from season to season. However, it seems there is one beauty trend that is here to stay. Eyelash extensions have become a lifestyle for women, cutting in half their morning beauty routine. And while mascara seems like an easy answer, sometimes it takes more than a tube of goop to go from looking good to va va voom.

Claudine Orlian is the co-owner of Amazing Lash Studio, a national franchise located in Merrick and now Massapequa. The latter is an extension of the former and serves as a central hub on the south shore, which is where Orlian wanted to grow her business. And as the number one lash studio on the south shore, she has a monopoly on gorgeous.

“I love the beauty industry and I love making women feel good about themselves. That to me is incredibly important in this day and age,” said Orlian. “After two and a half years, we decided to open another location down the south shore. I handle all of the marketing and my partner, Aleksandra Koldowska, is in charge of operations.”

The trend in eyelash extensions has skyrocketed and what sets Amazing Lash apart from other studios is the personalized and customized experience for clients. With individual lash suites, spa music, a comfortable bed and blanket, and station to charge your phone, getting your lashes done is truly a luxuriating process.

“It’s about the lap of luxury at affordable prices. We don’t count lashes; our licensed estheticians simply customize them to fit your eye shape, going off of the four different styles: gorgeous, natural, sexy and cute,” said Orlian of the stylists, who go through a 70-hour training program and not everyone makes the cut. “Our membership model, low price point and overall care and quality of application makes us unique.”

Photo courtesy of Amazing Lash Studio

Before the process begins (which can take up to two hours depending on the person’s eye shape and lash count), stylists consult with clients about the desired look they want to achieve. Then, aloe gel pads are placed under the eyes and the experience begins. A special adhesive formula created just for Amazing Lash is applied to each individual mink lash, black to tip and voluminous, which is then attached onto an existing natural lash, layer by layer for the utmost glamourous look. Designed to grow out with your own lashes, the extensions can last up to three weeks with proper cleaning and care.

“We want women to feel empowered. From the ages of 18 to 80, all ethnic diversities and backgrounds, we want everyone to look fabulous,” said Orlian. “Everyone wants something different, but the feeling is universal and that is that women truly feel beautiful when they leave the salon.”

Amazing Lash also offers a full line of after-care products that no other brand has like a special foaming lash cleanser, protective lash coating, retractive styling wand and NatureLash serum to transform and thicken natural lashes. All of the products work in conjunction as a system to maximize the longevity of the service.

“We just opened the new location and we love Massapequa; it’s a very welcoming community with a nice diversity of people,” said Orlian, who has been utilizing social media as her greatest weapon in promoting the new studio. “We show before and after results so clients have a very visual representation of the service. We are all about brand recognition and we pride ourselves on great customer service because we truly care about who walks in our doors.”

Amazing Lash Studio is located in the Uncle Giuseppe’s Shopping Center at 25 Hicksville Rd., Massapequa. For more information, call 516-226-9817 or visit

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