Massapequa Students Escape A Distant Past


Sixth-graders traveled back in time several thousand years to the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras at Berner Middle School in the Massapequa School District. Students took part in an escape room simulation to learn about the advancements of early humans.

A group of sixth-graders at Berner Middle School successfully solved all of the clues in the Breakout EDU game about the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras.
(Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

Library media specialists Laurie Martucci-Walsh and Julie Rogers planned the activity using Breakout EDU kits for all sixth grade social studies classes. As they visited the library, students worked in small groups at identical stations to solve a series of clues that gave them the combination to different locks.
Students have been learning about the progress made by humans in the transition to the Neolithic period, such as the agricultural revolution, domestication of animals and permanent settlements. They used their background knowledge from class to try to open all of the locks in the breakout activity.

Students used a black light to find a clue to open one of the locks.(Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

Because humans in the Paleolithic era were typically nomadic, they had to determine the address for Paleolithic Pete to open a number lock. Students also had to search the library for the animal they had to domesticate to get a key to open another lock. Some clues were written in invisible ink and only revealed with a black light.

—Submitted by the Massapequa School District

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