New York State Assembly District 15 Race


Amanda Field (D) and Jake Blumencranz (R) are running in the general election for New York State Assembly District 15. NYS Assembly District 15 covers Locust Valley, Glen Head, Oyster Bay, Syosset and parts of Woodbury and Plainview.
Field has served as the Commissioner of the Plainview Water District and has held positions on the boards of Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association, the Long Island Water Conference and New York Clean Water Coalition. Amanda’s bi-partisan approach has led to her work with local, County, and State officials to secure grants and pass critical legislation in Albany.
Blumencranz earned a Master of Science in Regional Urban Planning and Economic Development at The London School of Economics and a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy and Religious Studies from Rice University. He interned at Fox News and in the financial sector before joining his family’s insurance business. As a private sector business executive with extensive education in economics, Blumencranz’s real-world experience will benefit taxpayers.

Amanda Field

Amanda Field (Democrat)
If elected:
Below are the most pressing issues Field plans to focus on.
Safety: Insuring practical gun laws in NYS, addressing the root causes of crime and addressing bail reform to provide more judicial discretion in setting bail. I will sponsor legislation that creates a coalition of police, educators and social services and targets mental illness and other root causes of crime.
Taxes: Reduce school taxes by providing NYS subsidies for school districts where more than 50 percent of the total school tax are paid by homeowners. Provide “circuit-breakers” which limit taxes on low income seniors and young adults.Choice: Protect women’s right to choose, moving to codify safe, legal abortions into the NYS Constitution. Bans on abortion do not stop abortion, they only stop safe abortions.
Support Police: Increase funding, universal training, and support police to face challenges created by today’s changing climate.
Education: Expanding universal support for students and teachers in all schools and programs to assist children of varying needs and abilities.
Climate: Support protections to combat climate change and a practical approach to clean energy and clean water.
Mental Health Services: Increased access & holistic support for mental health & wellness for all ages, starting with universal resources and training for all public schools, increased incentives for higher education and training in the field of mental health and wellness.

Jake Blumencranz

Jake Blumencranz (Republican)
If elected: I’m running for the State Assembly to lead Long Island into a safer, more affordable future. With inflation, high taxes and rising gas prices hurting Long Islanders, I have a four-point plan to permanently cut gas taxes, increase property tax breaks for homeowners, cut income taxes for middle class families, and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse within the state budget.
As a proud advisory board member of the Nassau County Police Foundation, I’ll be a public safety champion in Albany and work with police, not against them, to keep our communities safe. I’ll also vote to repeal dangerous bail laws that free violent thugs from jail and return greater discretion to judges when it comes to setting bail. Because there’s nothing more important than the future of our children, I’ll work to improve educational opportunities for all students, including expanding alternative career pathways like trade schools and BOCES programs, while investing in mental health programs.
Finally, to restore Long Island as a place where young people want to return to, call home, and raise their families, I’ll be the loudest advocate for environmental sustainability, fighting climate change, and protecting our drinking water.

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