Senior Veterans To Soar In Open Cockpit Biplane


Courtesy of nonprofit Dream Flights

(Contributed photo)

Nonprofit Dream Flights is honoring  Brandywine Living at The Savoy Little Neck Queens & Brandywine Living at Huntington Terrace, Melville NY senior veterans with free flights of a lifetime in a restored WWII-era biplane, the same aircraft used to train aviators during WWII. During the 20-minute flight, Dream Flyers experience the freedom and exhilaration of soaring 1,000 feet in the air in an iconic, open-cockpit-biplane.

Thursday, June 1 – starting at 9 am

Republic Airport 7150 Farmingdale NY

These veterans are scheduled for a Dream Flight:

  1. Phillip Levine 80 years old , Navy 6 years
  2. Joseph Reiher 85 years old Army 8 years
  3. Fillmore Frank 83 years old Navy Cold War 4years , 2nd class PO
  4. Gaetano Macchic 93 years old , Army WWll 2 years
  5. John Sarar – 91 years old,Navy,Seaman.John was born and raised in Croatia but he joined the US Navy as soon as he got to America.
  6. Vincent Panaro- 87 years old, Army, corporal, Vincent was stationed in Germany during the Korean War
  7. Gordon Nesbitt- 87  years old, Army, Staff Sergeant, 20 years of service during the Korean and Vietnam wars.
  8. Arnold Gilbert- 89 years old, Army,Corporal, Korean War, attended jump school training to be a paratrooper

Non-profit Dream Flights’ mission is giving back to those who gave. Since 2011, the nonprofit has honored nearly 6,000 veterans and seniors living in long-term care communities with free flights in restored WWII-era biplanes, the same aircraft used to train aviators in the 1930s and 1940s.

Dream Flights pilots, who primarily fly for major airlines and are active duty or retired military veterans themselves, volunteer their time to fly these veterans in the country’s largest fleet of restored/fully operational Stearman bi-planes.

Dream Flights are always free to participants. The organization relies on corporate sponsors, donors and individual donations to support its mission of giving back to those who gave.

–Submitted by Stephanie Gaber

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