St. Vincent de Paul To Make Walk For The Poor


Back in June of 2021, St. Vincent de Paul President Erika Aldana published an article in the Hicksville News introducing the works of the Society of St Vincent de Paul conference at St. Ignatius Loyola parish in Hicksville. We are a dedicated group of 11 volunteers with the mission of helping needy families in Hicksville. They are our neighbors., Our motto is simple and concise, ‘We Help People’. COVID-19 and the aftereffects have been devastating to many Hicksville residents. It has been as catastrophic financially as it has been physically and emotionally to those who were already vulnerable.

Members of the St. Ignatius Loyola parish in Hicksville
(Photo courtesy of St. Vincent de Paul)

When a family in need is referred to up, a team of two ‘Vincentians’ as we call ourselves, makes a home visit and determines the precise requirements and other pertinent information. This then is reviewed with all members at our conference meetings along with the recommendations of the review team. We support rent, mortgage and utility payments, purchase furniture, furnish and deliver food packages every week. As our founder Frederick Ozanam has instructed us, no aid is foreign to the society and in that vein, we have also extended help to our neighbors in the form of gift cards, legal fees, medication and much more.

We obtain financial support from our loyal parishioners, as well as other creative fundraising activities which includes our upcoming ‘Walk For The Poor’. Our annual walk will take place Saturday, Sept. 24, in the Cedar Creek Park located in Seaford. We would be pleased to have you join us in this great fundraising event.

Because of our creative fundraising from different channels, we have been able to increase our reach significantly and have nearly doubled the neighbors we have served since last year. But the need never stops and we are experiencing even more requests from our neighbors. We need additional financial support. Contributions for our “Friends of the Poor Walk” would be greatly appreciated and will help us continue our work throughout the community. Contributions to the needy of the poor are certainly noticed by our Lord Jesus Christ and will be remembered.

Contributions of any amount can be addressed and mailed to the St Ignatius Rectory at 129 Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801 or if on-line, address to. (team:  St. Ignatius Walkers)

Thank You for your consideration and your generosity.

-Submitted by St Vincent de Paul conference at St Ignatius Loyola parish in Hicksville

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