Staying On Track For Holidays


When eating mindlessly, the brain doesn’t notice a difference with how much you eat, so there is a tendency to eat more than recommended. Even healthy food can keep one from losing weight if too much of it is eaten. So, tune into your hunger cues and become a more mindful eater with these helpful tips. Once they become daily habits, you will autdellocolumn_121416aomatically eat less without even noticing.

1. Eat protein for breakfast. Only meals high in protein have been proven to suppress appetite and reduce subsequent eating throughout the day.

2. Sit down to eat. Eating on the go may make you overeat later on because you don’t notice the amount you’ve already consumed. So, make sure you sit at a table to eat, even if it’s at a fast food chain.

3. Don´t pay attention to health claims. Truly healthy food­—vegetables, fruits and other unprocessed foods—rarely have labels at all. Research shows that people drastically underestimate the calories in foods with health claims on the packaging and end up eating more of it.

4. Slow down and chew each bite. At first, start counting chews while you develop the habit.

5. Try more foods from other cultures. When trying a new dish, one is likely to slow down and be attentive to the new flavor. And when eating more slowly, the sense of fullness comes faster, thus making you eat less.

6. The more you forbid yourself your favorite treats, the more likely you are to devour them when your defenses are down. Remember, pick your favorite meal cheat meal per week and enjoy!

7. Eat in order, salad first, then veggies, protein, lastly carbohydrates.

8. Offset cheating. If you eat a cookie for example, go for an extra walk or jump rope.

9. Making better choices will create a happier individual.

10. Keep a food log, it’s proven that writing a log of the food eaten provides a better chance of reaching your goal. Try and friend me at Dellonutritionals.
The best “Dello approved” way to stay on track is to keep a high-quality protein shake or protein bar in reach to maintain blood sugar levels and subside cravings.

Maria Dello, CN, is a certified medical nutritionist and owner of Dellonutritionals at 75 Plandome Rd. Call her at 516-365-1222 or visit

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