Teachers Deserve Honor


Anton’s “Collaborative Excellence” editorial rightly and generously offers “hearty congratulations to all (42) of the teachers throughout Long Island” who have been designated by New York State as “Master Teachers.” You explained that these 42 teachers “show excellence…in subject matter and teaching…by cultivating thorough understanding of the students…(and) involve family and community”. But you also noted that “because it is so new, many people may not be aware of this program.”
Anton’s “congratulations” to these “outstanding teachers/star educators” (your words) is a nice gesture, but I think these extraordinary (my word) teachers deserve more. Therefore, I propose that each of the 17 Anton Community Newspapers publish the names, photos, and bios (plus schools and districts) of all 42 of these Master Teachers so that all of your subscribers and other readers will at least become “aware” of these remarkable teachers.
As a (retired) teacher who himself worked really hard at being the best teacher he could be for 37 years in the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District, but was never designated a “Teacher of the Year” (or even “Month,” “Week,” “Day,” “Hour,” “Minute,” or “Second”), I especially appreciate how special these 42 teachers must be.
— Richard Siegelman


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