Venditto Accepts Defeat, Brooks Crosses Finish Line


After a recount of objected absentee ballots, the race to determine the senatorsenateelection_122116a of the 8th District is finally over.

Democrat John Brooks won the election over Republican incumbent Michael Venditto after a five-week recount of ballots by 258 votes. Although there are 211 ballots still left to count, officials say that mathematically, Venditto can not overtake Brooks’ lead.

“The campaign is over and all of the votes have finally been tallied. I would like to congratulate Senator-elect John Brooks on his victory,” said Venditto in a statement “I ask all residents of the 8th Senatorial District to join with me in supporting Senator-elect Brooks during his upcoming term. Together we can make our great district even better.”

On a personal note, Venditto went on to say that it was a privilege and pleasure to serve as state senator for the past two years.

“During my tenure, I have learned that the 8th Senatorial District is a very special place. While government does its part, our district is so special because of the people who live here,” he said in a statement. “I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given and I look forward to what the future brings.” senateelection_122116b

Brooks joins Todd Kaminsky as the second Democratic state senator, and he is very thankful for his victory.

“I am extremely grateful to the people of the 8th Senate District for electing me their state senator. Now is the time for all of us to come together and get to the people’s work,” said Senator-elect Brooks in a statement. “Senator Michael Venditto reached out to me last night to concede. He was humble and gracious.”

Brooks also said that his win was not a win for him alone, but a win for all Long Island families.

“As your state senator, I will work every day to make you proud. I will work every day to cut property taxes, fund education and end corruption in Albany,” he said. “Thank you to God, my family, my friends, campaign staff/volunteers and all those who participated in this campaign.”

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